#HighlyRecommend: Charcuterie Board w/ Secret Drawer

charcuterie board with secret drawer

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I feel like charcuterie boards are really having their moment. What’s not to love? CHEESE, meat, salty snacks, sweet spreads?? Sign me up!! Besides being generally trendy and delicious, the holiday season = charcuterie season. That’s why my favorite charcuterie board, the Bambüsi Cheese Board & Knife Set is this month’s #HighlyRecommend!

I got this charcuterie/cheese board as a wedding gift and it is one of my favorite gifts. I love how it has divots around the side for crackers so you can do everything all-in-one. And speaking of all-in-one, check out that secret knife drawer!! You don’t even have to buy separate cheese knives. They come with the board. They come IN the board! You’ll never lose them and it’s great for storage space.

charcuterie board
Technically… this usage makes it a cheese board, not a charcuterie board, since there’s no meat.

Another thing I love about this charcuterie board is that it’s made of organic, sustainable Moso Bamboo wood, and it’s formaldehyde-free and BPA-free, with no toxins or chemicals added. It’s rated a 4.8 stars out of 5,630 reviews—people love this thing! It’s also listed as Amazon’s #1 Best Seller in the cheese board category. Check it out HERE!

Christmas is coming up and although it might be a little late to arrive, it could be a last minute Christmas gift! Or maybe you want to impress your friends at a NYE gathering with your awesome charcuterie board? Perhaps the birthday of a charcuterie-lover in your life is coming up? It’s such a great, long-lasting gift and I can tell you that from experience since I received it as a gift myself!

Oh yeah, and I wanted to tell you that nobody paid me to write this review. I will however receive a commission if you do click on my links and buy the product. But everything I’ve said about this board is 100% true and of my own volition! I really do love this product and I highly recommend it for anyone who loves charcuterie.

goat cheese dip with chimichurri and roasted tomatoes

Not into charcuterie? My Goat Cheese Dip w/ Chimichurri & Roasted Tomatoes is a great appetizer to serve at a gathering. Or to eat yourself at home. I won’t judge.

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