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garlic peeler

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Maybe you are thinking, why would I need a garlic peeler?? It’s not that hard to peel garlic?? I DISAGREE. (See my Instagram video @SaltedSpoonful!) As a garlic lover, I usually use no less than 4 but usually 6 cloves of garlic in any recipe that calls for garlic. Haven’t you ever successfully peeled most of the garlic but then there’s a really annoying piece that will NOT come off and you have to dig into it with your fingernail and it’s the worst thing ever and then your hand smells like garlic forever??? (tbh the smell is not a terrible thing in my book but whatev) There’s a reason the garlic peeler exists, and it’s that one.

This is a love letter to my garlic peeler. I use it allllllll the time. My mom introduced me to it. We were cooking together and it was time to prepare the garlic. I got the cloves out with a cutting board and a knife and my mom stopped me—”Wait! Watch this!”—digging into the drawer for her new garlic peeler. She put the cloves into the peeler, gave it a few rolls, and dumped the PERFECTLY NAKED GARLIC CLOVES onto the counter! It was like magic. You may think I’m being dramatic. But in that moment I was VERY impressed.

And here is a secret… few things get me as irrationally angry as when I can’t get the skin off of garlic or onions. Now, no more garlic skin anger. (But when will they make an onion peeler? I still have to stop and take a breath when I can’t get the skin off of an onion. I feel like a cartoon where their face gets all red and steam shoots out of their ears. IT’S SO ANNOYING!!!) If you know what I’m talking about, I feel like I barely even need to convince you that you need this tool in your kitchen! For me, anything that takes away a common occurrence of frustration or annoyance in the kitchen is worth it and makes cooking a better experience.

To Summarize: You Should Get a Garlic Peeler

The garlic peeler I use is the OXO brand, but it’s not sold on Amazon anymore. You can still get it at Bed Bath & Beyond I think. My mom has the kind below with the jagged edges and they work equally as well. Honestly I kind of wish I bought the 3 pack because my garlic peeler is hardly ever in the utensil drawer since I use it so much and I’m always looking for it. The ones shown here are all under $10 so it’s a very cheap tool to add to your repertoire—plus, they don’t take up much space!

A lot of my recipes are way easier with this tool!

What do you think?

Is peeling garlic a non-issue for you or do you hate it with a fiery passion like me? Do you already have this tool and love it?? And bonus question… how do you feel about a garlic PRESS? That is a very controversial subject. I’d love to know what you think—drop a comment below!

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